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Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday


The weather:  It's hard to remember that it really is barely the middle of February! Avery beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky, albeit, it is a little on the chilly side. AND, very, very little breeze even. Which, I understand, is a rarity around here.
Right now I am: Taking a very long break. Hey, I got up at 5:30 and did a great deal of rearranging early this morning.
Thinking: I just LOVE this little spot where God transplanted me.  The only thing better would be the lovely LARGE home across the street. It's been :empty since last summer so maybe God is saving it for me. We are considering selling our property in Washington and making this our permanent home....we'll see how my nerves survive the tornado season, then I'll make the descision.
On my reading pile:  All my latest magazine subscriptions plus of course all my devotional books and my Bible.
On my TV:  Still no DISH receiver so nothing there except when I turn on the Wii.
Favorite blog post this week: Hoosier Homemade
Something fun to share:  Last night I was privileged to have my granddaughter read me her library book. She is an excellent little reader for a six  year old in first grade. Being a good reader is SO important. The Texas school system has Oregon beat hand's down!
On the menu for this week:  Angel Food Cake/Fresh Strawberries--oh, yum!
                                                 Homemade Hummus
                                                 maybe I'll try out this new oven and bake something. I'm not enthused   about using a gas oven. So anything I cook is done on the stovetop.
On my "To-Do" list: Do my outdoor chores that I haven't done yet.

What I am sewing, crocheting, crafting... Unfortunately I found my mending basket. More pants to shorten, skirts to shorten. I'd have quite a few clothes if they didn't all reside in the mending basket rather than the closet LOL If I set a goal to do just one piece a day it would soon be empty and I could do something fun. Also I bought a Big Shot die cutter. Now I need my Stampin' Up friend, Kat at Kat's Retirement Journey to teach me via email what to do with it! I would like to learn to make cards rather than buying them.
Homemaking Tips:  I enjoy making my own cleaning products. MUCH cheaper than store-bought and better for our health also.  I came across this recipe for the absolute best window cleaner.  I've only ever had one other window cleaner that got my windows spotless.  Here it is                    
                           2 cups very warm water
                           1/4 cup EACH rubbing alcohol and white vinegar
                           1 tablespoon blue Dawn dish detergent1
                           1 tablespoon cornstarch
     I mixed a little of the warm water into the cornstarch and then mixed all of the ingredients together and poured it into a large spray bottle.

Weather permitting I am attacking the grime on my windows from the road salt on the trip down here. The large back window isn't to the spotless point yet but a vast can actually SEE the fence behind me LOL

And here's a nifty little thing I learned in the current issue of Reader's Digest.  If you need a separated egg and don't have an egg separator handy,use a pint size water bottle! Just squeeze it a bit to create suction and place it over the egg yolk, (you have  already broken the egg into a bowl when you discover you can't find the separator.) Wah-la! The yolk gets sucked into the bottle but not the white. Now why didn't I think of that?
Looking around the house:  I see a few things that need to be put away but generally it's neat and tidy.
From the camera  I've been too busy with other things and have been neglecting my wonderful camera. That;s going on my to-do list!

 On my prayer list: my friend, my cousin that had a heart attack a week ago, God's leading in my life.

Bible verse; Devotional  "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might, Ecclesialstes 9:10. Also, "Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God," 1Corinbthians 10:31  These two verses
 come to mind when I'm tempted to let a less than desirable sewing pass as ok.

So that's how my day has been. Hope yours has been wonderful also. Remember, even if things aren't perfect we can still find peace and contentment. It's all a state of mind. There is a song called, "Day Is Dying In The West," and I'm watching the very last tiny bit of light off to the west.

I'm really missing my piano. I love my RV living but we DO need to find a house (like the one across the street, maybe). My sister-in-law is storing my nice piano but I have my other one, or if we got a house I'd trade with her!

Have an awesome day!

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