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Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'"

I know, I'm not in Oklahoma, but close enough and that song just popped in my head! The sun just came up, the birds are already flitting about in search of their breakfast, the snow is almost gone, it truly is a BEAUTIFUL morning!

I did manage to get one piece of mending done this past week. It is such a good feeling to see the pile getting smaller! And, I got my fabrics cut out for the Purple Challenge that I've joined.  The challenge is to make something, anything, using five different purple fabrics prints or anything, and they can be any shade from palest lavender to black purple.  Here are the ones I found in my stash that I will be using to make an Easter Egg mug rug:
I may change out the one on the far left if I find something else I like better. The really dark purple has sparkles in it...that one is my granddaughter's favorite of course. (she likes anything with sparkles!)
During a phone conversation with a fellow blogger we discovered we've both been hit by the same spammer so I will no longer be publishing comments from Anonymous commenters. I'm sorry I have to do this. It's a sad thing that some people have nothing more PRODUCTIVE to do with their time and talents than annoy and waste other's time.
Today I'm Thankful That:
It's March!
Spring will soon be here!
The sun is shinning!
God watches over me.
That I can be near my family.
Have an absolutely beautiful and awesome day!


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  1. Grandma Shell - I need a mailing address - you are the winner of Jenny's pattern on my blog giveaway, but your email address does not go through =(