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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kids Say The Darnest Things !!

I'm sitting with two of my grandchildren yesterday and my granddaughter who is four tells me that Mommy got a new kind of milk. It's CHOCOLATE, Grammie!! I'm trying hard to contain myself and not let her know that they even had chocolate milk when Grammie was a little girl! So later, when I'm telling Mommy what all happened while she was at work I mentioned this and  she told me that she had been at Grocery Outlet and they had Organic Chocolate Milk, in a 1 quart box so she bought one. Now, here's the best part!! Her daughter loved it. Her son didn't like it at all. Which goes to show that it's not a raging hormonal thing because My Little Princess is only FOUR!

But her mother did release a dragon because now Princess asks about everything, "Does it have chocolate on it?" And I mean EVERYTHING !!

Hope you get as good a laugh from this as Grammie did!

Thankful Thursday

For a beautiful unseasonable warm February day
Jackets in various weights
Quilt patterns

Hope your day was great!!

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