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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Going "Green"

What do you do to reduce the amount of plastic going into our landfills? Today's post over at Not Quite June Cleaver is all about going "Green" and she also has a nice little GLASS fridgie dish as a giveaway.

This got me to thinking. One comment was that individual didn't use the produce bags anymore. I use them, but then I line a plastic bucket that potato salad came in with them and put the kitchen scraps in there, then when it's full I take it to my compost pile. The thin plastic bag thengets recycled the last time as heat in our wood stove!

I use the plastic grocery bags I get when I forget my reusable bags to line my waste baskets. Makes emptying the baskets quick and keeps the basket clean. Again, recycled to the wood stove. Oh, I seperate burnables/non-burnables.

I'm also big on the recycling thing. I nearly get free garbage service because anything they will take for recycling goes there. The main thing they won't take is tin can lids for some reason. So I have a seperate basket under my kitchen sink for those things. I think we MIGHT take one pickup load of non-burnable/non-recycleable garbage to our transfer station a YEAR. And all I have to do is set out my recycle bags every other Thursday and it's picked up for me. And I don't find that it's any more difficult to toss the garbage in one basket versus another.

I also use paper grocery bags the same way. I'm almost out of those plastic baket liners that you can buy but in cleaning out the back of a cupboard the other day found a HUGE supply of paper bags. Wah-la, my new supply of liners. Back to the days before they (basket liners) were available!

So, what do you do to be "greener"? Why don't you share with us? Leave a comment, ok.

By the way, I'm asking my mother for those 1950s glass refridgerator dishes LOL

I could go on and on but I'm trying hard to restrain myself! Have to save something for another post LOL

Have a great day and I hope those in the eastern part of the country are thawing out. Then they'll have to worry about flooding when all that snow melts. Big sigh. Remember, February doesn't last forever!

Thursday Thanks

That I don't live where the snow is.
That I wasn't involved in any rolling blackouts in frigid weather.
That I have a humble but warm house.
That Daisy is feeling better. ( She ate something she shouldn't have
       and her system clean itself out. 'Nuff said?)
That my TV shuts itself off after a certain time with no channel change.
   It's a great energy saver when I fall asleep watching tv in the evening!


  1. I enjoyed your post and am going to call the recycle place this week to see how I can get some bins.

  2. we discontinued garbage pick up last year and it's going well. I'll never understand why yogurt cups are #5's which don't recycle well, and not #1 or #2.
    Anyway, saves us nearly 400 bucks a year.
    Keep up the good work,