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Saturday, January 1, 2011

And A Happy New Year!


I just have to post today because of the date being all the same number. Something that won't happen again for 12 years, 2/2/22. I know, I know, I'm into weird things.

Was anyone awake to usher in the new year? I dosed off and woke up at 12:15 am, so the year wasn't very old yet!

My immediate sewing plans are to finish the "Snowman in my Cabin" mini quilt I've started for January.  I'd like to do one for each month. I already have February and October.

My mouse saga continues. All my food is in jars, the dishes and cookware I use is where they can't get at it, so out of vengeance they chewed up my potholders which were in a drawer they can get to. They didn't use any of the fabric, just chewed it into pieces and left it there.  I guess as a "Ha-ha, you just THINK everything is safe from us!" In retaliation, I washed and moved the potholders to a safer place. I WILL win this war! Time to get out all the various types of traps.


  1. I slept right through the New Year....

    That mouse doesn't know what it is in for...HA!!! Go get em!

  2. Happy New Year. Good luck with your mini quilts. Sounds like a fun plan.