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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day!

It doesn't look very warm out but it is certainly beautiful! I do see thin clouds coming in through. RATS!!

I received a great honor the other day. That little Snowman in My Cabin mini hanging I made was put up as the photo on the home page of the Challenge group I belong too. Maybe to encourage the others to get their project photos uploaded, but still.

For another group I elected to join a gift swap. It has to be to the list Mom by 3/1. I'm to make something that will fit in the smallest flat rate box. The trouble is, I want to do something that will be different, but nice, from all the other gifts.  Do any of you really use needle books or pin keeps? I thought of a pin cushion but if other ladies are like me, they have more than they need. Notice I didn't say want, I said need LOL Any suggestions?

At the moment I'm auditioning fabrics for a set of Rooster placemats for my daughter-in-law. I want to make them fairly realistic, in other words, not blue or pink!!

I don't think I'm far enough along with any of my projects to show you any photos today. Sorry. I always enjoy seeing photos when I'm cruising around Blogland.

Tuesday Thanks

For the sunshine and blue sky
That my cold or whatever is getting better
The birds are slowly coming back to my feeder
For the Creator Who so lovingly gave us this beautiful world
For my Grandchildren

Have an awesome day!


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