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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Close to THE END !! Hooray!

All I have left to do is finish the wall hanging.  I've finished the fuzzy blanket (we call them memes) for SIL. He is a HUGE Dale, Sr. fan, so what else would it be?

 I scored big with him when I made T-Bone a pillowcase with D.E. fabric I'd found!

I came across these cute little bird ornaments while browsing the web.

They even look easy enough to make that you could stitch them up before Christmas.

It snowed last night!  OK, so it's just slightly more than a powdered sugar coating, maybe what a child would do if turned loose with the sifter! AND, (drum roll please!) the weatherman says it will continue to warm up! Hallellujah!  My back is tired of the couch in the living room.  I've been trying to rely mostly on the pellet stove, which leaves the bedroom on the chilly side. Now that it's up above the close to 0* mark the bedroom is brearable. I like a cool bedroom, not a frozen one LOL.

I'm Thankful for:

Electric heat
Pellet Stoves
Warm Blanets
Slipper Socks
Fleece Jammies

Notice how each one has something to do with staying warm !!

Have a WARM day!

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