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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Perfect Day

You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day! It's in the mid-70s with a very thin cloud cover. I ought to be outside enjoying it. Why is Winter 9 months long and Summer only a few short weeks? Very unfair!

One of my quilt groups is doing a pincushion swap. I've finally decided on a pattern. Now the job of finding the perfect fabric. I want it to turn out "just right"! I need to quit being so indecisive and get with it because it needs to be to the recipient by the 15th. I'll post a picture after that date so I'm not giving anything away. Just incase she reads this!

Time to go do something more constructive. Even if it's wrong, at least I tried.

Tuesday Thankfulls

For Summer
For my Children
For my dogs
For A quiet, safe place to live in the country
For Freedom to live the way I want (this should have been #1. Eh?)

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