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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunny Days Are here Again!

We received 1/5" of rain yesterday afternoon and evening. And of course, I'd chosen yesterday morning, which was sunny, to put the cushions on the lawn chairs. When Keith came home and broght them in they were soggy with water. I didn't bring them in when it started to rain because we were scheduled for rain SHOWERS, not DOWNPOURS!! I'm not putting the cushions back out yet because I heard today will be a repeat of yesterday and tomorrow will be worse. So, might as well wait.

I have the Mosaic Tiles all quilted. I was ready to put the binding on--couldn't find the fabric. I did a serpentine stitch over the seams and in the snowball blocks I did a free motion heart. Some of them certainly LOOK free! But by the time I was getting to the end they looked better. I toyed with the idea of taking the errant stitching out and redoing it. But this is a practice quilt, not one to be judged by anyone. And, if the 'quilt police' don't like my guest LOL

In crusing around the internet one day, I saw the most amazing Storm At Sea quilt. The way it was quilted, and the color combinations really made it look like storm tossed waves. I didn't bookmark it, and do you think I can find it again? Not a chance! Barbara Wynne has done one call After the Storm At Sea, which is awesome. She added three small sailboats and an object that is supposed to be a compass i assume. In the center of the quilt she put red, pinks, orages to represent the sunrise. Needless to say, it won a ribbon at a show!

My two year old granddaughter, the one I babysit, has a cold. I think it's her first real cold. Mom stayed home from work yesterday because they were both sick.

They say only newcomers and fools try to predict the weather around here. I guess so. Just while I've been writing this it has clouded up, the wind is about 20 mph, and it's RAINING. So much for sunny days.

Time to go change the tv channel. The View is on. I don't mind their subject matter, but eventually the squabbling, however friendly, wears on these old ears.

Have an AWESOME day!

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Green grass
Birds Singing

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