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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Peaceful Saturday

It was a glorious morning and afternoon. Nearly perfect weather. And so quiet! It was awesome. I spent a great deal of time out in the lawn swing reading.

Heidi called me specially to say that Owie Boy is walking now! His sister took her time. I think she's going to be a little perfectionist. She waited until she KNEW she could do it RIGHT! Little does Heidi realize what lies ahead! We won't tell her either will we? No one warned us!!

If you have cats you will just love this easy to make kitty bed. Here's a link--

When you get to it click on resources. The very first one is a document link that says Sweatshirt Cat Bed. All it takes is an old sweatshirt (small is best unless you have a VERY large cat) and some poly stuffing.

Here it is Monday and I still haven't posted this,. Better get busy!

I'm working on an applique wall hanging right now. It's called Spring Basket. I don't remember just where I found it. It's a basket with daffodils and petunias. LOTS of pieces I'm discovering LOL I'll post a photo when it's done! I've got the fabric picked out and am in the process of cutting the pieces. Goes much faster after I heard the tip about using spray startch to stiffen the fabric. I have a small table that I put in the living room so while I'm watching my favorite tv show I can mark and cut pieces.

You all have a GREAT Monday!

Monday Musings

I know the wind cleans the air but does it HAVE to cleanse so vigorously?

It's nice weather. Why can't the mice move outdoors? I'm TIRED of being their cleaning maid. And I don't WANT a house cat, but the dog doesn't seem to be doing the job.

How do clothes get dirty so fast?

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