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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why Prewash Fabrics

I have become the new owner of a quilt my Grandpa did many, many years ago. It had a musty smell so I washed it. I was assured it had been washed upteen times. Well.... to make a long story short and obvious here's a picture of what happened.

It's made a believer out of me. I'm not going to all the work involved in making a quilt to have this happen.

I was given two of his quilts. Same pattern, but the other one has been, shall we say, well used. Another comment on why use the best quality fabrics. I know he just used whatever was given to him as mostly he made quilts for needy people.

I only have five more blocks to do and I will have enough for an entire quilt to send to Austrailia. They really go fairly fast. Especially now that I'm getting a system figured out. My goal for today it to get those last few done and get the box ready to mail.

And then I'm afraid it's tax time. Sigh. Time away from my machine, I don't know how I'll survive!! This time every year I promise myself I'm going to be more organized and have all the numbers in a spreadsheet file so it's easy. Umm-hmm. What's that about the best of intentions?

Wednesday Wonders

Why does Winter have to last SO LONG?

Why is Summer SO SHORT?

Why do the days go faster the older you get?


  1. So sad about the runny fabric. "They" say that these days its not necessary (because "we" do everything better than in the old days I guess), but I can't bring myself to take that chance.

    As for your wonders? I've heard it said that one day is a huge percentage of a baby's life, from 100% on their birthday to only 10% for a 10-day-old. Imagine how small of a percentage it is for an adult! THAT is why the days go faster. They ARE!!! LOL!

  2. I prewash (hot rinse then in the dryer) all my fabric before it enters the quilt room. But a couple of weeks ago I bought a box of Color Catchers for added safety. They look like fabric softener sheets but grab all the loose color in the wash. If you didn't use the dryer to dry this quilt it may not be too late? Good luck, Sharyn/KalamaQuilts