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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Morning

Not a very promising day, weatherwise. Not cold, but high overcast clouds. No sunshine. I LIVE for sunshine !!

I'm rather disappointed. I joined this online food journal site and have been trying faithfully to enter EVERYTHING I eat. It's a pretty cool site because it gives you all the nutritional information besides keeping track of your calories. According to everything I've read I should be eating a MINIMUM of 1200 calories per day. Right. Let's see, since I started I've GAINED way-to-how-many pounds! It's very difficult for me because being diabetic I REALLY need to keep the carbs down. I'm thinking this next week I'm going to try forgetting to worry about the calories and just eat to keep from getting too many carbs. Probably be better for my sugar levels also !!
I made the cutest little blocks the other day. I'm doing several online BOMs. Seriously behind on a couple (like, haven't even started) These blocks are your basic nine patch in a square, but I did them with some strawberry print fabrics from my stash. I used dotted swiss type fabric for the background. Here's some pictures. Very spring like, I think.

Oh, bother. Now I can't get the cursor down below the pictures.
Keith came home with three little baby banty chicks. Well, actually, he started out with four, but lost one. So I think that's a pretty good sign that spring is really on its way. My hobby is quilting, his is chickens. I'll see if I have time to go up to the shop and snap a few pics to share.
Why is it when a person starts out to clean, it ends up being a bigger mess than they started with? All I was going to do was try and organize all my assorted quilt patterns that I've collected over the years. Now I have piles of patterns all over my workspace! I got started and then life interfered. Maybe this evening...
Have a GREAT day everyone.
Saturday Thankfulnesses
  • That it's family day (the day we spend together and don't let life intrude)
  • That one of our granddaughter's is here for a few days
  • For God's watchcare over us
  • That SPRING is finally coming


  1. sometimes blogger is a pain, isn't it :) I always have to monkey with my posts if I have more than one image. Keeping my fingers crossed that these grey days will soon be behind us..Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

  2. I love your philosophy of giving back! You are involved in some wonderful projects.

    It has been fun visiting your blog.

    Cindy in Seattle