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Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather.....  Right now as I'm writing this (4:15 pm CDT) it is close to 100* with a nice brisk "breeze." I am learning to LIKE the wind as it fools you into thinking you're not as warm as you really are!

Right now I am.... sitting in the shade afforded by the area next to the fifth wheel pin.  I feel somewhat redneck hillbilly, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! It's also a modocum of protection from the wind becoming too overpowering.
Thinking....That even with some of the inconveniences, I do enjoy the warmer weather.
On my reading pile...Other than my ever-present devotional books I started reading a book on my Kindle "A Simple Amish Christmas" by Vannetta Chapman. It is an interesting read with a glimpse into the Amish way of life. The focus is on Annie Weaver who went to the city and became a Registered Nurse while on her rumschpringe, or running around time.

On my TV.....Nothing, as I am sitting outdoors. Just the sound of the wind and an occasional vehicle.

Favorite blog post last week (mine or other).... Molly Flanders  

This link is to her page with the simplest quilt block using scrap strips.  When you put four of the small blocks together you end up with a 10" block with a center star.  How cool is that?
Something fun to share.... Today was a Balloon Day at DGD's school and hers said Backwards Day. So now she has a name tag with her name spelled backwards! And she had to walk backwards also!
Blog hopping (newly discovered blog)....Molly Flanders

On the menu for this week....Anything cold!!

On my to do list....Vacuum. I didn't get it done before it got warm in the house.  Also, I need to  plant my zucchini seeds. Plus I just spied a large bag of rakeings from the yard that need to go to the dumpster.

In the craft basket....I finally finished #2 of the Promises and Borders embroidery Bom of 2012! And I actually have the pattern for #3 on the fabric.  So, it's ready to start stitching!  Plus my good friend over at Kat's Retirement Journey sells Stampin' Up products and I'd like to learn to make gorgeous cards like she and her Stampin' friends do. I think I have most of the supplies now so I can make a card!

Looking forward to this week.... Getting a small fenced area made for Daisy so I don't need to be with her every moment she's outdoors.

Looking around the house....Just the usual lived-in clutter

From the camera.... Guess I could take a photo of dirt, and more dirt! Maybe my window ledges after it is REALLY windy LOL I have a few flowers, but nothing like my mental picture of what my space would look like before I came down here. What the sun doesn't bake, the wind shreds.

On my prayer list.....The people of Moore, OK especially are at the top of my long list.

Bible verse, Devotional.... This verse came to mind as I watched the devastation in OK the other day, particularly the last phrase, which I will share here.

       Ezekiel 34:28   They shall dwell safely and none shall make them afraid (in the day of the Messiah's reign).

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