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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Is Here !!

I have three months of this to look forward to!  Oh yea ! This is what it looked like here the Tuesday BEFORE Thanksgiving, in other words a week ago.

And it's snowing right now with freezing rain predicted for later today.

It seems that mug rugs, coasters large enough for your mug and goodies, are all the rage in the quilt groups. So I took an orphan block I had,found a piece of fabric for the other side, added an applique, and this is what I have. Oh yes, and a scrap of batting in the center.

I should have made the coffee cup smaller so it only was in the area for the cup but...this was my first one LOL These are fun and fast, hence they meet the requirement for gifts.

I'm still pondering what my daily topics will be in the new year.Maybe one day will be nifty eco-friendly cleaning tips I've learned. Of course at least one day should be devoted to quilty things. One can be miscellaneous musings. Now, what about the other days? I'm thinking!

Hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful time with loved ones and friends and that your didn't spend too much money during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness. I did break down and buy one thing, a new Bobo for Daisy. Bobos are loofah chew toys for dogs. The brand I get just happened to be named Bobo! She's demolished the statue of liberty,and a snowman, so now she's getting a reindeer. Shipping and all it was still less than if I went to the local pet store.

Tuesday Thankfuls

I'm thankful I can stay home today and hibernate
I'm thankful for lights and heat
I'm thankful for the emergency babysitter
I'm thankful for Daisy
I'm thankful for the little birds (and the big ones) that come to my feeder

My spell checker didn't like some of MY words! Oh well, I can make up words if I want to LOL


  1. I love it!! I was just considering some mug rugs and hotpads for quick gifts to get rid of scraps of batting..Stay warm,Amy

  2. That is alot of snow...stay warm...drink lots of hot cocoa on those mug rugs!! I will have to make some, I keep telling everyone that but...gotta have a home and machine first.

  3. The gorge is beautiful any time of the year. I have to take a client to Mt. Hood Lodge in January...I'm already worrying about roads.

    hugs, Sharyn

  4. Hi! I just found you from the new thing on the Janome group and see that you are actually the closest person to me to sign up on the map. I am enjoying your little blog and signed up as a follower so I will be back! Nice meeting you and yes, mug rugs are addicting. I have made a few myself!