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Sunday, November 14, 2010

As Arnold would say, I'm Baaack!

After various computer issues I now have a new computer with Windows 7. So far I would highly reccommend Windows 7. I've found several features that are "Oh, WOW!" I downloaded an accessory pack because it didn't come with Windows Mail and discovered that I can get mail from my different email accounts delivered to one mailbox for instance.

The downside to my newer faster computer? I have discovered that I need to update some of my software. That's a bummer, not to mention added expense. So, for the time-being I can use the internet, send/receive email, and play games!

But I can still quilt LOL. One thing I discovered during this no computer time is that I did get more  sewing and quilting done. I've even rearranged my sewing/computer room and it feels much more spacious now. As much as a 10x14 room can be anyway.

Anyway. I'm glad to be back in cyberland.

Oh, one more thing. The november/December issue of Quiltmaker magazine has an awesome Treasure Hunt. The grand prize is a $2600 Bernina sewing machine! I love my Janome but another machine would be awesome. Who knows, maybe it does machine embroidery! And, of course, there are oodles more prize packages also.

Today I'm thankful for

A warm house (baby it's cold out there!)

My wonderful bed

My sassy little Doxie

Computers and the Internet

Friends and family

Have a GREAT day!

1 comment:

  1. My sewing room is just 10 x 10 so yours is big to me! blessings, marlene