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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Humongus Giveaway!

Hop over to Patches and Pieces and check out the Fall into Fall Quilters Giveaway. There are over 150 bloggers that have joined in on this giveaway! And each of them is giving away a great prize. Click on the link and get in on the fun. You know you want to. It will continue until 10/15/10 so you have time to get them all visited. A fun way to discover new-to-you blogs and revisit those you know.

I just noticed that I'm past the 100th post. That means I need to do my own giveaway. Hmm. I'll need to ponder this for a while to come up with something creative.

The leaves are dropping but we haven't had any frosts yet so no pretty fall colors. Sniff, sniff.

I joined in on a challenge on one of my Yahoo lists to finish at least two UFOs during September. I just barely squeaked in under the deadline. I finished putting the binding on a lap quilt that I just do not like and a Christmas card holder.  I posted a photo of that UGLY quilt earlier but here's the card holder.

 The snowman really isn't pink. I put irridescent glitter in places and it's reflecting the red borders!

I found these two little items while sorting through nearly 50 years of accumulations. Above is a little Avon lamb from the days when I had sheep.  It still has perfume in it too!
This is my sewing basket from high school home ec. I used a Wet One on it and it's as sparkly as new! I'm storing some of my speciality threads in it now.

After watching some tv shows about hoarders I decided it was time to go through things and get rid of the stuff I didn't think my children would want. Like business papers from 25 years ago! I certainly do not want to end up looking like a hoarder!

Saturday Thanks

I'm thankful that God set apart one day a week that He wants us to spend with Him. (see Exodus 20:8) Otherwise we'd work ourselves to death. I can forgot housework, yardwork, and even sewing today.

I'm thankful for a warm house to live in. It's tiny, but warm.

I'm thankful for friends, both on the internet and real-life friends.

I'm thankful for my three children and six grandchildren.  They give meaning to my life.

I'm thankful for discovering places to donate quilts to sick children.  Check out Quilts For Kids and AZ Preemie Blankets 4 Kids. Sorry I don't have the URLs for either one but I'm sure a Google search will find them if you are interested.

The preemie blankets are only 18x18 and they want them done envelope style. How simple can that be? Half a yard of fabric will make two of them. Oh, and they want flannel backs and no quilting in the center 12". So basically a 12" square with 6" blocks around it. I'm really anxious to get started on these.

Have an awesome fall weekend!


  1. What cute post cards...

    I watch Hoarders all of the time and it does make one thing.

  2. How wonderful that you are getting your UFOS done. That is what I aspire to do. I have enjoyed reading your blog, and hope we get to know each other.