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Sunday, September 12, 2010


I finished a UFO! I'm proud of myself for actually getting it done. It only needed the rest of the binding sewn down but I had a mental block...I just don't like the quilt. Here is a photo of it.

It's purposely not a close-up! It was one of my first attempts at free motion quilting, and I did the motif SIDEWAYS. I just couldn't believe it when I realized what I had done. It was a learning experience!

I'm in a challenge group and this month's challenge is to finish two UFOs. So I'm halfway there!

Chuckle for the day:  My daughter was relaxing on the couch after work and needed to use the phone so she asked her four year old to please get Mommy the phone. The four year old walks over and picks up the phone, that was right beside Mom, and said, "Good grief! Can't you get it yourself?  It's right here!" To her credit, my daughter thought it was the remote that was beside her.

Grammie's Little Princess started pre-school this past week. So begins her school career.

Oh, I finally got brave and started a paper piecing block.  It is so cute that I made another one. They are only 3" finished size and there are 20 pieces. Laborious but fun! I'm an addict! Here they are

But I WILL finish UFO #2 before I do more tiny blocks, I WILL I WILL!

This afternoon it's warm, well warmer than it WAS!  And that beautiful blue sky of autumn. It all makes for a wonderful day.

Sunday Simmerings

Why is summer so short and winter so long?
Why don't more people migrate?
Where, oh where, is that book I've been searching for?
Why can't we store the warmth from these beautiful days to get us through winter?

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