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Monday, January 28, 2013


I FINALLY made it to Texas! Just before Thanksgiving.  It has taken me awhile to get settled and get my own internet, no TV yet but at least I have internet!!

Back in August when I was down here my granddaughter asked me if I'd make her a Care Bear quilt. Things got put on hold when I decided to move, and then the settling in. She asked if I could PLEASE have it done by Christmas. I was just using one of those quilted panels for the center and putting border strips around that.  I thought a few have been working steadily on it, with a day off here and there. It was finished this past week! I hadn't done mitered corners for so long, I was having to re-think just how to do one.When it finally all came back to me I made a small sample and put it in my Tips & Tricks book for future reference.

Here is the finished quilt!

I thought I'd taken some photos of the beautiful sunrises we've enjoyed here but evidentialy not.  I didn't find them.  I'll remedy that situation!

 My 1/2 Dozen Daily     

has a Sunday Night Chit-Chat. These are the questions asked each week. Join the fun! In my comments post a link to your blog and let me know.  I'll come visit your page and leave a comment.

What I'm doing: (what I was doing last night)
  • Reading--My Bible
  • Watching--nothing, my TV isn't hooked up yet
  • Listening to--neighborhood dogs barking
  • Baking/Cooking--does a pot of coffee count?
  • Happy you accomplished this week--finished THE QUILT !!
  • Looking forward to next week--getting my jeans/pants shortened so I don't walk on them
  • Thankful for today--sunshine and's 30s and snow in WA..70 here in TX
  • *BONUS QUESTION* What chore around the house do you dread doing the most
    It used to be cleaning the fridge (that was my punishment as a teenager.  The dislike still lingers.)  I can't really think of anything other than changing the sheets. With my present situation it is very difficult.  Don't ask, it's a LONG story!)

    Glad to be back online at last!

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