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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yesterday's Journal Game

Outside my window I see dawn's early light and a gray drippy day.
I am thinking I need to get much done on my "slave's day off" as my daughter calls it.
I am thankful that this moisture is falling as rain, not snow.
From the kitchen wafts the faint aroma of the coffee I brewed earlier.
I am wearing my jammies at this point...they are warmer!
I am creating a man-bag for Little Man's birthday.
I am going to make breakfast soom. As Winnie would say, "I have a rumbly in my tumbly."
I am reading and studying Galatians 5, the Fruits of the Spirit.
I am hoping to have a pleasant day.
I am hearing nothing but the quilt purr of the fan on the pellet stove.
Around the house are unfinished projects (UFOs) waiting for attention.
One of my favorite things is the pre-dawn quietness.

That was my world yesterday. Today it's much warmer, the sun made a glorious appearance, promising a nicer day today. I did get most of the man bag done, just waiting on some silver fabric for the windshield and headlight on the car. I am actually dressed! Since I'm a dedicated jammie lover that IS a feat for me! I've been wading through some old papers, not literally, shredding most of them. That's a boring job, but I do like to see the stack growing smaller.

I wish I had an embroidery machine so I could dress up the man bag a little more. Oh, well. Here's what it looks like at this point.

I'm hoping that the car will look better once I add the window and lights. I think a 2 year old will love it anyway!

Next on the list is a little 10" Annie doll and tote bag. OhSewDollin' has the cutest Annies if you are interested in them. I bought several patterns. The one I want to make for one of the grand-daughters is called, "It's me again, Jesus". She's praying, and oh so cute! The first one just might end up in Grammie's collection as it has been many years since I attempted to make a doll!

Clotilde has an embroidery pattern for No More Monkeys Jumping on The Bed. It arrived yesterday. I would love to get it done in time for the upcoming birthday, but since I haven't even made the pillowcase yet, that one is doubtful! I found  fabric with numbers up to 5 and red sock monkeys. I thought that would be good. I have a pattern to make a sock money also.  Plans, plans, plans, and here I sit playing on the computer!!!

Have an awesomely great day everyone!!!

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