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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Slow Down Mode

All the grandchildren are back at their homes, getting ready for the start of school I'm sure. Now Grandma gets to do some seewing for herself. Maybe.

I was just looking through my stash picking out fabrics for a table quilt. I'm in the process of changing my kitchen from lavender/green to blues/pale yellow/white with a touch of red thrown in. Mainly because I have one of those repro red step stools. It looks really out of place against those walls!

I found some 30s print at my sister-in-law's fabric shop to make curtains from. It has three shades of blue with tiny yellow flowers. I'm making tabs to lift the curtains up and down. Somehow I managed to "break" the roman shades! I thought, well, the worst I can do with these is break a button!

So other than my weekly babysitting, that's what I've been doing. And making the hornets angry! A word of advice. DON'T mow close to their nests. Not even accidentally. It hurts really bad! They even stung both dogs.

Have an absolutely wonderful day!

Saturday Musings

Just what are hornets good for?
Why don't we get thunderstorms here?
Why can't I read a book without feeling like I'm wasting time?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Did IT !!!

I got the three cart covers finished and sent them home with Julianne. Yay!! Now it's on to dolly clothes for Aspen's birthday, which is next Sunday. I must worked well under pressure or something. Not.

Did I say something about the man that said he wasn't going to cater for the fire crews this summer? Guess where he is !! Yep! Somewhere in California.

After having grandkids nearly all summer, the break from EVERYONE is sorely needed and appreciated.

Here are pics of the shopping cart covers and one dolly dress, modeled by Aspen's Mommies very old CP Doll.

Saturday Thankfullnesses

That I can rest today

That I have peace and quiet for a change

That when I clean the house, it stays that way (for a bit, anyway)

That my family is healthy

That The Lord watches over us

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Long Time No See Me

Due to having various bored granddaughters over the past several weeks my computer time has been limited. I only have one here now and she's sleeping so I'm sneaking in here.

I almost have the first of the shopping cart cover finished. I'm putting a quilt type binding around the top, then the elastic in to hold it on to the cart, and it will be done, done, done. Yea!!!

It's hard to believe it is already August. Where has the summer gone? We are just now getting nice warm weather. The next few days will bring a slight cooling, so the weatherman says.

I had a bad experience at a fabric store, which will remain nameless for the time being. I bought the other two pieces of fabric for the cart covers. I'm happily cutting away yesterday morning...and,come up about 1 1/2 yards short. Of course, I immediately called the store and told the young girl that answered my problem. Her reply was, and I quote: "Bring all your scraps and your receipt in and we'll figure out where YOU cut wrong." Before I called I sat down and added up how much fabric I have left and the length of the pieces I'd already cut. Let's do the math; 2 pieces at 24" equals 48" or 1 1/3 yards. 4 pieces at 18" equals 72", or 2 yards, for a total of 3 1/3 yards. Plus 12" left over. Grand total of 3 2/3 yards. I paid for 4 yards. I feel that since they shorted me they should GIVE me 1/2 yard. I don't want to have to piece the fabric. That would be ugly on something that is being purchased. How tacky! It may be Friday before I can get back over to the store. I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

On another blog I saw the cutest little pincushion. One of the chat lists I'm on is having a pincushion swap and I want to make one for the swap. It's at Boutique NutMeg Designs if you want to see it.

I'm not sure just when I'll ever get to start quilting again. One of my daughters has requested some dolly dresses for her daughter's birthday which is in a few weeks. I'm ruing the fact I didn't make her learn to sew!!!

Wednesday Wonderings

WHY is summer so short?
WHY are yellowjackets EVERYWHERE?
WHY are there snakes?
WHY are there rude drivers
WHY does time go so fact the older you get?

Have A Great Day !!!