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Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Did IT !!!

I got the three cart covers finished and sent them home with Julianne. Yay!! Now it's on to dolly clothes for Aspen's birthday, which is next Sunday. I must worked well under pressure or something. Not.

Did I say something about the man that said he wasn't going to cater for the fire crews this summer? Guess where he is !! Yep! Somewhere in California.

After having grandkids nearly all summer, the break from EVERYONE is sorely needed and appreciated.

Here are pics of the shopping cart covers and one dolly dress, modeled by Aspen's Mommies very old CP Doll.

Saturday Thankfullnesses

That I can rest today

That I have peace and quiet for a change

That when I clean the house, it stays that way (for a bit, anyway)

That my family is healthy

That The Lord watches over us

1 comment:

  1. strange how sometimes pressure make sit happen...dolly dress is way cute too.glad you got them finished I have been reading your progress..and I will admit I am a bad non commenter,but I am planning on improving,cheers Vickie