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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Have I mentioned Fat Cat Patterns before? If so, disregard. I'm really enjoying applique and am itching to get started on some of her patterns. If you like applique, go on over to her site. Sindy has a special for the months of April and May. Believe me, you won't want to miss it.

I promised my Mom that I'd get her quilt quilted before Mother's Day. It's creeping up fast! I have another one that I want to 'practice' on before I make a mess out of hers. I'm not planning on anything too ambitious, I've only machine quilted one other quilt and that was a disaster 30 years ago! Hopefully I've learned a few things in the meantime.

Have you heard Susan Boyle sing? If not, go to Google Videos. There is one of her singing Cry Me a River that is just beautiful. You really need to experience her singing.

I'm STILL working on my April bunny basket. I just have the eggs and a little chickie to do. All the thread changes take up so much time! It's not perfect but I hope with each one I do I get a little better at it.

I also have Esther Aliiu's Mystery BOM called Red Delicious, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with apples, by the way. She only leaves the pattern up for a month. If you miss it, there is a charge. So I'll have to buy the first three. Believe me, they are worth it!

I got a phone call from my granddaughter Aspen a bit ago. What's unusual about that, you ask? This is the very first time she has called Grandma, 'Ma' to her, and actually TALKED to me, rather than it being a one-sided conversation. Those are the kind of things that are precious to Grandmas.

Off to enjoy a teensy-weensy bowl of ice cream. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Saturday Blessings

A day of rest
A beautiful Spring day
Bird songs

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